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  1. Correction: Buford is not an American Shorthair. Those are pedigreed, registered purebreds. Shorthair cats of unknown parentage are properly called domestic shorthairs.

  2. What a beauty Buford is ! Yes and he is fortunate to live at the happiest place on Earth, Disney Land. Wish I was there as well .

  3. I heard about the Disneyland cats on Fox 10 news in Phoenix today and went straight to instagram and followed.
    I also put a link on my Facebook for all of my friends to check out.
    I can’t wait to go to Disneyland and take some pics of the Disney cats myself!

  4. Seen him and 7 other kitties along the tram ride yesterday. On the way back to the chip and dale parking lot

  5. This is the same cat that was upped a while back that you named “Jane”. He’s a male that walks around spraying everything in his path. Literally, like every 15 feet, spray….spray….spray.