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  1. I just saw him this last weekend. What a sweetie pie. He was very friendly and letting a lot of us humans pet him. I too have a cute little picture of this guy.

  2. Seriously. First she’s a female cat. We seen her since she was a kitten. Her mother was a Calico. She at least 6 or 7 years old. Used to live under the train.

  3. There are male torties.

    And that’s usually due to a genetic mutation.

    So Franscisco probably is a male.

    • I am so happy that I spotted this cutie!! she or he was so friendly and very pretty. lucky that this cutie approached me in Disney California. so very cute!

  4. Francisco is a female, not a male. If she presents her headquarters to a person who knows, it is obvious she is a she. A name change is appropriate, maybe to Francisca.

  5. less than 1% of torties and calicos are male. Francisco is almost undoubtedly a girl. (says the person with a dilute tortie girl purring next to them).

  6. I did not know about this site or else I would have came sooner! I saw this cat and I had personally named him Churro! He was very loving, I got a great pic of him. He had moved a little farther along than across from the restaurant when I saw him, closer to the bend coming up to where you turn to go to Grizzly River Rapids.

  7. Very rarely (approximately 1 in 3,000[9]) a male tortoiseshell or calico is born. These animals typically have an extra X chromosome (XXY), a condition known in humans as Klinefelter syndrome, and undergo an inactivation process like that in females. As in humans, these cats often are sterile because of the imbalance in sex chromosomes. Some male calico or tortoiseshell cats may be chimeras, which result from the fusion in early development of two embryos with different color genotypes. Others are mosaics, in which the XXY condition arises after conception and the cat is a mixture of cells with different numbers of X chromosomes.

  8. I think what Disneyland is doing for the feral cats, is amazing!! WTG!!! shows that there are still compassionate people around!! 🙂

  9. I just saw her for the first time 2 weeks ago. She. Is stunningly beautiful and quite surprisingly social for a feral kitty. Rather than hide in the bushes, she quite proudly approached myself and a small crowd of admirers.

  10. I am creating a fan fiction based on warriors on these feral cats living in Disneyland and California Adventure, and Francisco is the main character, but like what Amanda said that Torties aren’t usually boys, so I am making “him” a girl named Tortoiseleaf, if you know what I am talking about…

  11. He (or she) is still there. Saw him/her yesterday morning, exactly where the profile lists.

  12. Saw him/her yesterday at Grizzly River Rapids and she wandered over to me for a head scritch. I feel very blessed.