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  1. Since the cats of Disneyland are on private property I should think they would not be considered under this law. It would be much like saying that those that keep their cats outdoors (I’m not a believer in that but to each his own) feed them, neuter/spay them and care for them would fall under such a law and be required to starve their pets.
    This law is ridiculous and not humane as written, however vauge.
    Starving an animal that keeps the rodent population under control? We feed the rats, mice and possums as well as the coyotes in some neiborhoods with our garbage albeit unintentional.
    Enacting TNR programs be it through city or volunteer programs is the only humane and rational way to deal with a ferral cat colony.

  2. This type of action comes from “ignorant” and “heartless people”. Its obvious that the City Council didn’t waste much time on thinking about this new ordinance. I have read most of the other other petitions, and residents of Anaheim who believe in freedom of choice, and caring for the helpless animals, are outraged over this ordinance, as they should be. Many of these feral cats live in the back yards of homeowners, which is private property, just as D’land is private property. Starving these animals is no solution, but it is animal cruelty by government officials. Shame on all of you!

  3. The Law allows a landowner to deem cats a nuisance and prosecute the person feeding. Any apartment manager, owner can evict or punish a tenant for example and fell good about it cuz he has the City behind him. An angry business owner could trap a cat as a nuisance and dump it anywhere. The law may not be enacted in obvious ways but in more subtle ways and encourages hatred of cats in the society we are raising our kids in.