“I Love Feral Cats” T-Shirts

Hello humans! It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, but I’m back to tell you about how the Cats of Disneyland are planning to celebrate National Feral Cat Day.

In case you haven’t heard about the most important holiday of the year, National Feral Cat Day is celebrated on October 16th. It’s meant to help spread awareness about the majesty of feral cat colonies, and especially the benefits of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program like the one practiced here at Disneyland.

As you might know if you’ve read my FAQ and/or About pages, there are a lot of misperceptions about us that get spread around the Internet. Well, to help combat those rumors, we’ve started a new Teespring campaign that helps promote the truth. Educate your friends, family, and neighbors about the actual symbiotic relationship between the Cats of Disneyland and the resort itself.

The front of the shirt reads:

Every night after closing, Disneyland releases 200 cats into the park to help keep the rodent population under control.

Disneyland is home to approximately 200 feral cats who prowl the parks and hunt rodents. Disney feeds, neuters, and cares for the health of the cats in a perfect symbiotic relationship.


And on the back, it proudly declares your love for feral cats.


If you missed our last Teespring campaign, here’s how it works. These shirts are crowdsourced, so we have to reach a goal in order for ANY shirts to be printed. We set the goal a little lower this time, but we still need to reach 30 orders for the campaign to ship. And there’s a deadline: 7:00pm PDT on October 16th (aka Feral Cat Day).

We listened to your feedback from the last campaign, and these new shirts are available in a wider variety of colors and styles (including women’s cut tees). Find the one that you love and wear it with pride.

Here’s the link to the campaign:


Help correct some misperceptions about our lovely colony by ordering today!

Throwback Thursday: Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship

I’ll often hear humans lamenting that they were “born (fill in the blank number) years too late” because they relate better to the nostalgia of the past than they do to the present day. I always thought that was a load of hogwash until I realized that I, too, wish I had been alive in Disneyland between 1955 and 1982. It’s true, I wouldn’t have had access to Twitter, but I could have enjoyed an ENTIRE RESTAURANT DEDICATED TO TUNA!!


As you can see in the photo above, the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship and Restaurant was a veritable mecca for Disneyland Cats during the park’s first few decades. I’m not even joking when I say that the kitties of yore could have enjoyed scraps of uneaten tuna burgers, tuna sandwiches, and hot tuna pies.

I recently came across an old tuna can wrapper that must have been buried since the attraction/restaurant was still in business. On it, a kitty had scrawled the following message (you’ll pardon the archaic language. Remember, this document was written several decades ago):

“It hast been a glorious day, for I hath been prowling below decks on yon Chicken of the Sea Pirate Shippe. Discovereth four old cans of tuna did I, and I feasted until nary remained. Huzzah! Meow!”

While the ship sat in it’s Fantasyland location, the cats could often be found on the poop deck. No, that isn’t a nautical term—it’s just what we’d call the deck on which we did our business. Once Skull Rock was added next to the restaurant, our ancestors would often take whatever food they managed to steal back to the skull’s left eye and feel free to dig in without being subjected to judgmental human stares.

Today, the location where the Chicken of the Sea ship once stood is occupied by Dumbo the Flying Elephant. I’m all for flying in circles on a pachyderm, but I think we can agree that no elephant is ever going to hold a candle to a tuna-scented Disneyland classic.

The Disneyland Mews: August 30, 2014

It’s been a pretty eventful week, and this holiday weekend is set to be very busy here at the resort, so I thought I’d update you all on the Disneyland Mews.

Mary Poppins’ 50th Birthday Party
In case it passed without your realizing it, Wednesday was the 50th anniversary of Mary Poppins premiering back in 1964, so everyone’s favorite nanny celebrated with an exclusive birthday bash after the parks closed that evening. Fantasyland came to life with chimney sweeps dancing on the roof of the castle—oddly, very few of them were able to step in time. Hordes of penguins also took a spin (or several) on the King Arthur Carrousel. Many of them got so dizzy that they threw up their dinners. And since they had eaten fish, it provided quite the treat for the cats who were lurking nearby. As for Mary Poppins herself, she alternated between doling out spoonfuls of sugar and prompting herself to stay awake.

Disneyland Half-Marathon Weekend PSA
It’s that time of year again—when thousands of you decide that it’s a good idea to run around the parks for no good reason. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that the benefits of running pale in comparison to the benefits of napping. While running leaves you exhausted and sweaty, napping leaves you well-rested and cozy. The odds of getting injured are also much lower when napping than they are when running. One time, I rolled off the edge of the dock during a nap next to the Jungle Cruise and got soaked, but I’m pretty sure that’s the worst possible scenario for what can happen to you while napping. Running, on the other hand, must be extremely painful (judging by the expressions on your faces as you make your way past my lair). In summary, if any of you runners decide to forgo your spot in the races this weekend and take up napping instead, you have my full support. Napping is endorsed 100% by the Cats of Disneyland.

Haunted Mansion Vacancies
This is just a reminder that the Haunted Mansion continues to be vacant until Halloween Time officially gets underway, so if any of you cats reading this are looking for a place to hold your book club meetings or stash a few spare rodent carcasses that you don’t feel like eating right away, the Mansion is an excellent place to do that. Just remember that the awful ghost dog, Zero, will be returning right before the Mansion reopens for the season, so make sure that you have fully vacated the premises before then unless you want to be chased by a floating sheet with an orange nose.

My Favorite Haunts: Underseat Compartments on Soarin’ Over California

Hello humans. You all did such a great job helping us reach our t-shirt order goal that I thought you deserved a reward, so here is a look at another of My Favorite Haunts.


Underseat Compartments on Soarin’ Over California

You might not think that Soarin’ Over California would be too high on my list of favorite attractions, but (as usual when it comes to humans) you would be wrong.

In fact, the movement of these clever ride vehicles is very conducive to taking a great nap. It’s like getting rocked to sleep, but I don’t have to deal with humans touching me in the process. My naps also almost always yield epic dreams when the majestic Soarin’ score is my accompaniment. Once I dreamed that I snagged dinner from those fishermen in the river rafting scene, and another time I may have dreamed about swatting Tinker Bell out of the sky…

During the periods of time when I lie awake in the underseat compartment, it gives me the perfect opportunity to raid guests’ bags and find any treats you might be hiding. You’d be amazed how many moms put their kids’ cups of milk under the seat for “safe keeping.” I’ve gotten so full before that I’ve thrown up during the next ride—right on someone’s shoes. Plus, thanks to Patrick’s announcement, many of you put items like your mouse ear hats (“these little beauties”) under your seat. Ever wonder how I acquired the pair in my signature avatar…?

You might wonder if anyone ever discovers me underneath the seat, but the answer is almost always no. I tend to curl up far enough back in the compartment that only the rare individual reaches in far enough to brush up against me. When it does happen, I usually just bite their hand and run away. It causes a bit of a hullaballoo, but I haven’t been caught yet.

At the end of a day spent relaxing on Soarin’ Over California, I usually come out smelling like a combination of pine and orange (in other words, it smells like someone sprayed me with a cocktail of cleaning products). It’s all worth it, though, because I can truthfully say I’ve seen pretty much the entire state of California. And I’ve laughed at that inept skier literally hundreds (if not thousands) of times.

Special Offer: Order Your T-Shirt Today and Get a Cats of Disneyland Holiday Card

It’s crunch time, humans! We’re down to just 3 days remaining in our Teespring campaign, and we still need about 30 more shirts to be ordered in order for us to reach our threshold. Remember, if we don’t get to 100 orders, NO ONE gets a shirt.


Here’s a special incentive to get you to order now. Anyone who buys a t-shirt TODAY (8/21) will also receive a Cats of Disneyland holiday card this year. In case you need reminding how awesome of an opportunity that is, here is a look at last year’s card.

crookcard2 copy

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Contest: Cat’s Eye View Challenge

Greetings, humans. Are you interested in the chance to win a FREE Cats of Disneyland t-shirt from our Teespring campaign? Then keep reading!

We cats have the advantage of being low to the ground. It’s how we can fit into small spaces and evade human eyes. Now, here is your opportunity to see if you can spot various Disneyland Resort landmarks as seen from a cat’s eye view. Below are 5 pictures I took over my last few days of prowling. They were all taken within the confines of Disney property (the rectangle bordered by Harbor Blvd, Walnut St, Katella Ave, and Ball Rd). Your job is to identify the locations where they were taken in the answer form below. Be as specific as possible (for instance, “Pirates of the Caribbean queue” would be a better answer than “New Orleans Square”). You have until Thursday, August 21st at 10:00pm PST to submit your answers. Everyone who gets all 5 photos correct will be entered in a randomized drawing for the chance to win ONE (1) short-sleeved Cats of Disneyland t-shirt. If no one gets all 5 answers correct, we will draw from those entries with 4 correct, etc.


Disclaimers: For ANY t-shirts to be printed, our Teespring campaign must reach 100 orders by August 25th. In the event that the campaign doesn’t reach its quota, no one will receive a t-shirt and this contest will be rendered bull and void. Only one entry per person. Contest open only to residents of the continental US.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

Cat Profile: Bernice

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of my famous Cat Profiles, so here we go. The picture of Bernice featured here was sent to me via a Twitter and/or Facebook follower named Carla.

Remember to email me your photos to catsofdisneyland@gmail.com and you may see them featured here or on my Instagram page.


  • Name: Bernice
  • Breed: Long-haired Calico
  • Favorite Hangout: White Water Snacks
  • Hobbies: Pantomime, Salsa Dancing, Macaroni Art
  • Favorite Ride: Jumpin’ Jellyfish
  • Interesting Fact: Can use her whiskers to sense when it’s going to rain.

The lattice that separates White Water Snacks from DCA is a favorite spot for several of the kitties to hang out. We love to laugh about the fact that we are technically inside the park and you are not. Bernice spends plenty of time roaming along this fence, and she occasionally uses it as a climbing wall. Sometimes, Bernice is able to convince the humans eating their nachos at this quick service establishment that if they give her a few pieces of chicken, she’ll let them pet her. After reaping her reward, however, she’s able to scramble up and out of sight before the dumbfounded guests can even squeeze their hands through the fence. You’d think that eventually the humans would catch on to this “cat who cried wolf” scenario, but I guess that’s giving them far too much credit.

Announcement: Order a T-Shirt

Unlike cats, humans tend to spend the majority of your time dressed in clothing—which I assume is because you don’t have glorious coats of fur to make you look distinct. Still, most of the clothes you all choose to wear are so boring.

I’m giving you an exclusive opportunity to spice up your wardrobe with your very own Cats of Disneyland t-shirt. Designed to parody one of your favorite attractions, this shirt design is the perfect way for you to show off your love for Disneyland, cats, or (preferably) both. It’s also an excellent option with Halloween Time about to arrive at Disneyland and around the globe.



So here’s how it works. The shirt is available at Teespring until August 25th. During the next two weeks, 100 shirts need to be purchased in order for the campaign to be a success. Which means that if 100 people don’t buy shirts, no one gets one. Not to guilt trip you, but do you really want it on your conscience to know that no one got this awesome shirt because you didn’t order one? If you need more convincing, look at this kitty’s face.


Not only are Teespring’s shirts high-quality, but these options are incredibly affordable. It will cost you a mere $18 for a short-sleeved shirt in baby blue or $22 for a long-sleeved shirt in heather gray. Shipping is extra, but the cost is nominal.

Don’t hesitate, humans. Order your shirt today!

The Disneyland Mews: August 9, 2014

Hello, humans. There are so many sources of Disneyland news on the Internet, but when I have read them, they all seem to focus on human events—boring! I’m adding another series of posts to my blog, therefore, that focuses on the important things going on in the parks. I’m calling it The Disneyland Mews, and here is your first look.

Return of the Cat Box Ghost
Fans of The Haunted Mansion are undoubtedly aware of the attraction’s infamous Hatbox Ghost, but even the most informed of Disney historians probably haven’t heard of the Cat Box Ghost. When the attraction first opened 45 years ago, there was a patch of dirt just behind the mansion itself that hadn’t been re-landscaped yet after construction was completed. Every night for a week, several of the groundskeeping cast members attempted to plant flowers in this plot, but when they would come back the next night, they found that all their work had been dug up and the patch was covered in cat poop.

In an effort to catch the cat (or cats) responsible, a guard was stationed outside the mansion one night. He swears he never saw any movement while he attempted to keep an eye on the plot, but the next morning, the flowers had still been replaced with kitty droppings. This guard coined the nickname the “Cat Box Ghost” when filling out his report. Finally, after about a month, the kitty moved on to some other territory in the parks and the new landscaping was allowed to flourish.

Decades passed with no sign of the ghost returning. Until this month, when it was announced that a family of humans would be allowed to spend the night in the Haunted Mansion. Now, for the last week, groundskeepers have been forced to pick up three bagfuls of dung every night in the same location that was so notorious 45 years ago. Is it merely a coincidence, or have the humans angered the Cat Box Ghost?

Space Mountain Found Property
This is a reminder to all cats who spend their time running around below the track on Space Mountain that we have rules about the number and types of fallen human possessions you are allowed to take back to your dens. Every cat is allowed to “rescue” one hat, one pair of sunglasses, and up to three wallets or purses per week. We’re certainly not implying that the humans deserve to get these items back—it’s their own fault for not securing them before riding, after all—but we want to make sure to spread the bounty among all the scavenging cats. Yes, these new measures are at least partially in response to your complaints about Reuben the hoarder cat, whose den had to be raided when it was discovered that he was sitting on over $100,000 worth of human possessions. We appreciate your cooperation with regards to this matter.

Yarn Giveaway in Pacific Wharf
Letitia the tabby has asked me to spread the word that she found an oversized human sweater in the dumpster behind Pacific Wharf while she was looking for clam chowder last night. It appears to be homemade and was made with a very loose knit, so we shouldn’t have any trouble unraveling it. Once the job is done, there will be quite the overabundance of yarn, and Letitia has kindly offered to share. Any cats interested in collecting their own spool of yarn are asked to meet behind Ghirardelli on Sunday night at 3am. Make sure to sharpen your claws before arriving.

Halloween Countdown
The black cats start anticipating the start of the Halloween season the day the Christmas decorations start to go up, and their waiting is finally almost over. It’s true, Halloween Time doesn’t officially begin until September 12th, but I know many of the kitties like to get started a little early by crossing guests’ paths and meowing ominously in dark places. Here is also a handy countdown you can use to track exactly how long remains until the season is officially upon us.

until Halloween Time begins at Disneyland

Throwback Thursday: Skyway Escapades

I’ve never really celebrated Throwback Thursday (#tbt for those of you on the social networks), but I thought this was a good time to start. Our feline ancestors have been around since the parks opened (see my About page for more information), so we’ve seen a lot through the years.

One of my relatives loved the Skyway back when it was in operation, running between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. I recently came across this picture that shows how we cats most enjoyed riding this classic attraction.


From high above Disneyland, the cats of yore could keep an eye out for any rodents who may have found sneaky hiding places. We also had the ability to use the buckets as a sort of hop-on, hop-off transportation service if we wanted to unload inside the Matterhorn to visit the Yeti or jump down onto the roof of our favorite dark ride.

Humans were rarely clever enough to notice when one of us was riding atop a bucket, but a cat named Philonous did spend most of the ’70s meowing ominously at tourists while the ride was en route. He was careful always to hide before the bucket reached a station, however, so the attraction garnered something of a reputation for being haunted.

The 1982 Disneyland Cat Olympics actually featured an event in which the contestants jumped from one Skyway bucket to another. The tuna medal was taken by the competitor from Tomorrowland, but the other cat athletes cried foul (claiming he’d had an unfair advantage). It was quite the scandal and much fur was shed that fateful day.

When the Skyway was closed in 1994, we held a massive meow-in as our way of protesting. Unfortunately, we cats aren’t well known for our commitment to causes, and most of the protesters were easily distracted by tuna within a matter of days.

Even after the actual attraction was demolished, the Skyway Chalet in Fantasyland has remained one of the most popular cat hangouts for two decades. Rumors keep swirling that it is on the chopping block, but I’m convinced the humans are too scared to uproot so many kitties from their dens. You’ll notice that the structure is still standing even though it was “supposed” to come down more than six months ago.