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  1. Good morning, and thank you for posting your update. I would be happy to chat with you over the phone for further clarification.

    Ruth Ruiz
    Public Information Officer
    City of Anaheim

  2. Thank you for leaving your name and phone availble. I still beleive TNR works in the long term. Let those committed dealing with the feral population do their work. The Disney people may be concerned. A vaccum has been created( by not feeding cats). Cats are smart they will go where the food is. Lastly this is inhumane. Really. Respectfully Glenda Parrish

  3. No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville,Florida. Assists citizens with feral cat Trap, Neuter Release!!!! This program is working and the feral cats are getting spayed and neutered, fed and well taken care of!!!! Please don’T ban feeding cats!!!!! Starvation is cruel!!!!! They will search out food and get run over!!!!! Please listen to your responsible citizens who promote caring for feral cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In light of evidence from psychological studies associating abuse and neglect of animals with higher propensity towards violence against people, I would expect any responsible governmental authority to be encouraging humane treatment of animals, such as TNR and feeding stations, rather than foster a mind-set corroborating violence. Feeding ferals, it would seem logically, would also protect at-risk wildlife populations from predatory behaviors.

  5. About three years ago this wonderful Calico Cat appeared on my patio
    She was tame and very cordial, so it;s possible she may have belonged
    to someone. I fed her.My Wife was ill at the time and the cat had to live outside. She eventually had a litter of five. We did TNR.
    The cats survived. We found homes for four of the kitties and kept one along with the Mama, El Gato. When my wife died the cats moved in the house. El Gato thinks she’s MY mama, follows me everywhere.
    Her son Goldie is a great buddy.I believe Cats are Gods chosen ones.
    I know some feral cats are unapproachable but feed them anyway, do TNR. There are a lot of abandoned cats that aren’t really feral.
    Approach them and find out. My LA family found all their cats that way. Jerry Gordon Henderson, NV

    • I love your reply. Feral cats should not be called that. They should be called “abandoned/homeless” cats because that is what they are. How any city can establish a law that forbids feeding of homeless/abandoned “cats & people” shows just how hardened and indifferent the hearts of the officials of that city are. I have personally tames feral cats have been involved in trapping and releasing and even finding foster home(s) to the ones who have become tame. Help the feral cats (feed them) monitor their health and progress by sterilizing them. Do for them what should be done for homeless children and adults who are caught up in circumstances beyond their control.

      If the City of Anaheim does NOT have a heart they should GET a heart for homeless animals & people.

    • Hi Jerry – I just want to say that I LOVE your story and I feel the same way about cats. I’m just glad my Mom was a cat lover or I probably would be like the woman who runs The Cat House on the Kings (www.cathouseonthekings.com).

  6. I have recently joined the Anaheim Fix Project leadership team and I am very happy to report that thanks to you and thousands of people who signed the online petition and sent emails to the mayor, the City of Anaheim has revised the ordinance that banned the feeding of feral cats. And even more exciting is that the city has invited us to help them create humane new policies and programs. The Anaheim Fix Project is a relatively new and small group of volunteers so if the cats of Disneyland have any friends who would like to join us to help with this amazing opportunity or if there are established Orange County cat rescue organizations who would like to partner with us, you can contact me for more information at anaheim.fix.project.food@gmail.com

    Thank you,

  7. I just learned today that Disneyland had a feral cat population. I would go to Disney just to see the cats, But then I love cats. In my neighborhood so many people move away and leave their cats behind. Over the last 10 years I have looked after over 50 cats at different times but no more than 13 at once, and I have witnessed the effects of when they have plenty of food to eat and when they don’t. When they are well fed the likelihood for them to fight with each other and/or get into dumpsters/garbage cans is almost nil. Also, when they are spayed/neutered they don’t travel around so much or become so territorial and are more likely to live amongst each other peacefully and often without human’s even knowing they are there.

  8. I have to tell you, I stumbled across this page all the way from Australia and Im so glad to hear of your program to control abandoned cats without cruelty. Here in Australia they are truely feral and a very big problem for our unique wildlife, I believe if we had a program such as this one the problem would be much better controlled, as it is, it is now law here most places that cats be confined at night, spayed and microchipped but its a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted with huge populations of our wildlife being wiped out each year…..keep up the good work….Ive always loved Disney as a concept, and always wished I could visit the park.